Frequently Asked Questions

No upfront fees or costs. No processing fees or hidden charges. Flex Fundraising simply takes a small commission on the donations raised by an organization. While everyone “claims” to offer the cheapest fundraiser, we actually back it up. Most other fundraisers won’t tell you their pricing without speaking to a sales rep (and then they avoid ever giving a direct answer). We are completely transparent and upfront with, just click on this button to see the exact breakdown and use the slide bar to calculate EXACTLY how much you’ll keep running a Flex Fundraiser!

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Simply share a link with all the participants in your organization to create their own account. Here the participants will input some basic information, upload a photo, join their team and instantly have their own personal fundraising page along with a personal portal to track their goal and incentive progress, view donors, and share their page with a click via email, text, social, QR code and a copy and paste URL link.

Yes, each participant has their own secure portal where they can view donors who have donated. Within this portal, individuals can also view team leaderboards, track progress towards goals and incentives, and share their page with a click via email, text, and social media.

Yes! Our proprietary software automatically tracks individuals' progress towards their prizes and incentives. You can use our incentives OR upload your own for your group. At completion of the fundraiser, we will process incentives or provide a list of who earned what prizes.

Org leaders have a secure management portal that allows them to track both. Leaders can view live reporting on each member of their organization along with comprehensible reports for their group as a whole. Our pricing is transparent in our live reporting so leaders always know exactly how much money their group will be taking home. Org leaders can also adjust individual and group goals, track progress toward goals and incentives, and send messaging out to org members within their management portal.

Most fundraisers will typically run for a TWO to FOUR week period. After an initial push, organizations can leave their page open indefinitely upon request for donors to continue shopping and supporting throughout the year.

Yes, an organization can run as many campaigns as they would like! And each one gets easier because all the group and individual information is already uploaded and saved.

Organizations are paid via check or ACH transfer IMMEDIATELY at the completion of their fundraiser. Should the organization elect to promote their page for an extended period of time, they will be paid at IMMEDIATELY after their initial push and then at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s donation amounts.

Simply send us your logo and choose from our range of products we offer. We offer shirts, shorts, hoodies, sweats, blankets, tumblers, stadium chairs and much more. With exclusive partnerships with vendors such as BSN Sports, you can remain certain that all of our custom merchandise is of the highest quality available.

And the best part, we ship directly to your donors! You and your group never handle ANY inventory or fulfillment.

Sports teams, clubs, schools, nonprofits, charities, or any other organization looking to raise funds. From a high school football team to a multi-million dollar charity to the individual looking to raise money for a summer camp, Flex Fundraising is the perfect solution for anyone looking to raise money.

All donors receive a receipt via email upon the completion of checkout. The line item “donation” will tell the donor how much of their contribution is eligible as a tax write off.