Flex Technology, paired with our industry low commission, enables organizations to RAISE MORE and KEEP MORE than ever before.

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  • Organizations Raise 80% more with Flex
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  • No upfront cost or hidden fees
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Raise with Team and Individual Pages

We design a custom page for your organization, along with every individual participant in your group.

Your custom page comes with the flexibility to add your own categories, sell product categories from our trusted partners, accept cash donations, run raffles, and so much more. This variety attracts and satisfies every type of donor.

In addition to more options for donating, each individual participant gets their own unique page, which incentivizes donors to give more by knowing exactly who and where their dollars are going!

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The easiest fundraiser I have ever done! Super easy for all the kids too. Just had to get our kids onboarded and Flex took care of the rest. Now we have the biggest budget in our programs history.

Coach Dean Haddock

US Elite Arizona

$7,470.43 Raised

We raised just over $60,000 last year, and came to Flex hoping they could help us raise at least $80,000 this year. We ended up clearing almost $100k! With Flex we nearly doubled our fundraising efforts with less than half the work. We also kept most of our money, which is refreshing when you know how much other companies charge.

Coach Preston Jones

Perry Football

$98,764.36 Raised

I liked not having to track any inventory, cash, or checks. I just sat back and watched the funds come in and the kids tracking their progress towards incentives!

Chris Tremea

Clearfield Youth Football

$5,458.87 Raised

We raised more money in one week with Flex Fundraising than we did all last year! Great Products, easy process and the Flex team is super creative!

Cami Montague

Crescent Elementary

$12,683.48 Raised

Flex sent our check as soon as our campaign closed. Great to get our money quickly and for the amount we were expecting for a change.

Josh Wilkey

Compass Academy

$10,178.15 Raised

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