Flex Technology, paired with our industry low commission, enables organizations to RAISE MORE and KEEP MORE than ever before.

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Raise More

  • Organizations raise 80% more with Flex Fundraising than other fundraising methods.
  • Flex Fundraising enables organization to raise money in a variety of ways.

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Keep More

  • ABSOLUTELY ZERO upfront costs, processing fees, service fees, or other hidden charges.
  • Simply click on the link to view our fully transparent 100% commission only model.

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Do Less

  • Fast and easy onboarding process to get you and your group ready to go
  • Group and individual portals to track donations and donors as well as view incentives, sharing options, leader boards and more

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“The easiest fundraiser I have ever done! Super easy for all the kids too.”

— Coach Dean Haddock (US Elite Arizona)

$7,470.43 Raised

“I moved to Flex Fundraising once I saw how much my program got to keep. Thanks to Flex, we don’t have to give up so much of our money we raise like I have with other fundraising companies.”

— Coach Preston Jones (Perry High School Football)

$28,352.26 Raised

“I liked not having to track any inventory, cash, or checks. I just sat back and watched the funds come in and the kids tracking their progress towards incentives!”

— Coach Tarvin (Bush High School Basketball)

$9,458.87 Raised

"We raised more money in one week with Flex Fundraising than we did all last year! Great Products, easy process and the Flex team is super creative!"

— Brenda, Crescent Elementary

$12,683.48 Raised

“Flex sent our check as soon as our campaign closed. Great to get our money quickly!”

— Josh Wilkey (Compass Academy)

$10,178.15 Raised

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