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Raise More

Raise More with a Flex Fundraising Expert

We design a custom page for your organization, along with every individual participant in your group.

Your custom page comes with the flexibility to add your own categories, sell product categories from our trusted partners, accept cash donations, run raffles, and so much more. This variety attracts and satisfies every type of donor.

In addition to more options for donating, each individual participant gets their own unique page, which incentivizes donors to give more by knowing exactly who and where their dollars are going!

More Ways to Raise

At Flex Fundraising we pride ourselves on improving the donor experience with products they actually want. You will have the flexibility to use product categories from our trusted partners, upload your own products OR work with us to create unique products specific to your organization

Our product categories range from custom apparel to health and wellness to raffles to cash donations. We work closely with our fundraisers and tailor their page to exactly what their donors are looking for. Our flexibility is unmatched in the fundraising industry.

Keep More


Typical Fundraisers

What You'll Keep Elsewhere

Clothing or Apparel 15% - 30%
Food Products 50%
Other Online Fundraisers Less Than 70%

* Plus upfront costs, processing fees, service charges AND other hidden fees

What You'll Keep with Us

80% You Run a Fundraiser with Flex
85% 85% of Participants Raise at Least $1

* ZERO additional fees

Calculate How Much You’ll Keep!

Do Less

Fast and Easy Onboarding

Our onboarding team can have your fundraiser ready to go in minutes. You will have an assigned fundraising professional to guide you through your entire fundraising process.

In addition to personalized 24/7 support, you will be provided with all the resources, training, videos, photos and links you need for your organization to hit your goals as fast as possible!

Manage your Team with Ease

Flex Technology provides you and each of your organization members with secure portals to track your progress.

Org Leaders can view participant goals, progress, and send secure messages to motivate their group!

Each individual in your organization will also be equipped with their own secure portal stocked with incentive tracking, leaderboards, text notifications and templated share buttons to easily hit their goals.

More Ways to Share

Flex Technology provides your organization with easy to use share buttons so you can reach more people, faster.

All buttons have templated messages so you can spread the word with the click of a button. Also, all organization members will have a unique QR code for participants to share their page in person.

Get started today and Flex representative will walk you through all the amazing features!

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